Instant Payments,

Instant Freedom

True ownership, true spending

Unlock instant Bitcoin payments with Blocktank, a reliable Lightning Service Provider (LSP) that empowers people worldwide to swiftly send and receive Bitcoin at minimal costs, without the need for a custodian.


Connect Your Self‑Custodial Wallet

Reliability, everywhere you go

You can use Blocktank LSP with most self-custodial wallets. Connect to the Lightning Network by simply choosing your receiving capacity and spending balance, and scanning a QR.


Lightning Payments In Your Pocket


Powered by Blocktank

Blocktank LSP is fully integrated with Bitkit, a self-custodial mobile wallet, allowing thousands of users around the world to make instant borderless payments while holding their own keys.

By design, managing your bitcoin in Bitkit is intuitive and frictionless. Blocktank helps Bitkit provide a new, simplified Lightning user experience. Blocktank allows us to minimize the complexity of Lightning technology, making it nearly invisible.

Blocktank Brief

Reliable, stable, and fast transactions

Instant Bitcoin transactions require a Lightning connection. Blocktank provides you with a self-custodial, stable, and seamless experience, while eliminating the complexity of managing a node.


High Payment Success Rate

Our node stands among the most well connected and is optimized to ensure you can pay anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Large Capacity

Our node capacity ranks within the top hundred out of more than 18,000 and can scale to support many more users.


Reliable Connection

Our systems boast a 99%+ uptime, guaranteeing you a consistent and stable connection.


Extensive Track Record

Our team previously launched the first ever Lightning Service Provider and the first node operated by a major exchange.

Speedy Money for Sovereign Individuals

Your keys, your coins

Bitcoin revolutionized money by enabling anyone to be their own bank. The Lightning Network accelerated this revolution by eliminating the need to wait for payments to confirm. Now, Blocktank is here to onboard you to this new economy where money moves at the speed of light, while you keep your keys.


Switch Seamlessly Between LSPs

More optionality, less lock-in

Today, people that use self-custodial wallets are locked in to one single Lightning Service Provider. We want everyone to have the freedom to connect to Lightning through any LSP they want, so we are collaborating with other LSPs to standardize connections.

Blocktank Node

Stable, well connected

Blocktank Node Public Key: